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Are you trying to attract new clients or customers without spending a lot on ads, groups, posting, doing YouTube videos, or creating content all day?

When you do get a lead, do they start the conversation with “I don’t have any money?” Spending your hours doing free posts on social media is a waste of time. Instead of admitting it’s not working, many people think, “I just have to post more.” Lies!

Why would I waste time making new content when I can use cheap ads to attract great leads and run effortlessly?

I didn’t become an entrepreneur to post on social media 10X per day, hoping the next thing will go viral.

And here’s the #1 problem why people fail:
Facebook’s ad and posting algorithm uses complex AI to NOT to optimize content that is thoughtful, helpful or authentic, it is setup to make their Advertiser money so they can make money too.

The good news is that I discovered a method that just “works” and attracts all the clients I can handle. Not only that, but I’ve had to lower my monthly ad spend budget, because I simply could not keep up with the flood of requests from people to work with me.

Using this method to create CHEAP ads instead of 10X per day posting allows me to focus on my clients and ensure they get the best possible results.

It also helps me live a life of balance where I can take my son to basketball practice, shut down my laptop for the weekends, and enjoy staycations with the family (without feeling guilty).

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The simple process I use is called the “TEAL” method… It’s not complicated, feels authentic, and doesn’t require any brand-new technology to work. I realized that by focusing on the ONE THING that really mattered, I could attract the clients that WANTED to work with me and were happy to PAY what I thought it was worth.

The good news is that I will teach you going to teach you the three steps of the “TEAL” method for free if you complete the form below and follow the instructions in the messages I will send to you.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:
- How my cheap ad attracts qualified clients ready to work with me.
- The three biggest mistakes I made with Facebook Ads that caused me to waste thousands of dollars generating “broke” leads when I was learning my simple method for paid traffic and how I was able to fix those mistakes permanently.
- Why this simple and authentic ad works for my clients, even though they don’t like to use technology and like to stay off social media (one of my successful clients doesn’t even have a Facebook Profile!)

Just click the button below with your name, email, and phone number so you can discover the “TEAL” method I’m using to attract affluent clients on paid social media traffic, a small budget, and simple technology (without wasting my time posting 10X per day).